My New York Film Story

Since I grew up in New Jersey, I have a long term relationship with New York City and I recently rekindled my love with the city when I spent a day going through my old haunts and enjoying a new total tourist view. I could talk about a bunch of stuff about my memories (good and bad) in NYC but today I just want to talk about my cameras and the film.

So here comes the camera nerdy stuff… For those not interested in camera and film technical information, feel free to scroll down to the pics. For other fellow camera nerds, keep reading…

I captured my sites in NYC mostly with a couple film cameras (and of course my iPhone), until I wanted to use my digital camera for the night shots. I started my day with total inspiration by attending an exhibit of Andy Warhol’s works:

Outside it was a gloriously sunny day so I feel it was a great day for the 200 Kodak Gold roll for my “new” Canon AE1 (I recently bought it in an antique store for $75. I feel that’s a fair price). I know I’ve worked with Kodak Gold before but it’s been awhile, so wow. Wow! The warm tones are amazing.

Now onto the black and whites. TMAX 100.

The next pictures are from my Kodak Duaflex III. I’ve had this camera for about 10 years now and I’ve taken lots of rolls. I will say, though, I was pretty floored by the pictures taken by this 70+ year old camera. The film used is Kodak Ektar 100.

I ended my day at Rockefeller Center. Of all the years I had been at NYC, I had never been to the “Top of the Rock”. I haven’t lived in NYC since the last 90s, so I might as well act like a tourist πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

Onto the digital pictures… I used a Canon 6D Mark III/50mm lens…

And then the rest are the random pics you get on the way to the train station …

Yep. New York **ckin city. I love it.

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