About Me



Welcome. This site showcases my photography.

I’m a Columbus, Ohio based photographer working on all formats: film, digital and mobile and my work is driven by both accidental and conceptual moments in both city and nature situations. I love to travel and explore new environments which gives me the most inspiration with my work and I’m most comfortable with keeping my portfolio eclectic. I’m the collector of over 20 vintage cameras and I shoot primarily with a Canon Rebel, a Pentax K1000, a Polaroid One Step and the one that is always in my back pocket: my iPhone 8. I’m self-taught in Photoshop, Adobe In-Design and Illustrator and also obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Visuals Arts from Rutgers University.

I gladly use my photographs for merchandising purposes and over the years have produced several items such as coasters, trivets, dish towels, t-shirts, gift tags, notecards, invitations and prints under the name, Revelry Handmade Goods. Current items can be found on my Etsy site.

Find me on Instagram @house_of_revelry for my favorite digital shots; @house_of_analog for all film shots.Also, by photographs have been featured on the following Instagram sites:





















Facebook: Revelry Press for the best info.

For inquires/merchandising/prints/collaborations/shoots: contact me at revelrypressATgmailDOTcom.

All photographs copyright by Kate Minear Sorenson.