Like a Walk in the Park

Last month I mentioned that I was hoping to get my groove back with this new Spring season, and I’m happy to say that the groove is kind of on, in my garden and in my life. 

In my garden beds, I planted the sugar snap peas, radishes, arugula and the lettuce seeds and so far as of today they are growing well. Also, the perennials are coming back nicely with a nice surprise. Last summer I had planted wildflower seeds in a few places in the front and back yards which sprouted a wonderful bouquet of flowers. It was my expectation that all the plants were annuals. Well, this Spring, apparently one of the flowers were perennials (or biennials, I’m not sure), and the plant have bloomed beautiful orange petals. They are called, wallflowers, and they have a lovely fragrant, similar to the smell of lilacs. I had never heard of wallflowers and they have become one of my favorite garden flower because the bunnies don’t eat them! 

Arugula seedlings
Lettuce seedlings
Sugar Snap Peas

As for life, I got some good advice recently: don’t over think it. I realize that I have a tendency to over think projects, ultimately never completing them or even starting them. There’s a perfectionism that can really paralyze me. So the mantra these days is to do more “doing” and less “thinking” (if that makes sense). Be present. Be mindful. I know it all sounds pretty easy to do but I’d be lying to say that it’s actually pretty hard. Habits are hard to break. But, as evidence in this little spring gallery that I’m giving it a try, I did stop at Inniswood Park recently just to take pictures of flowers. No agenda, no project. No reason, just to enjoy nature and take pictures.

Enjoy the pics and Happy Friday!

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