Bloom Report

Before I get into the blooms, I have to say the last week felt verrryyy loooong. I don’t necessarily adapt to a new routine quickly, so having everyone at home now 24/7 left me feeling very unproductive. And it was rainy and gloomy, too, which didn’t really help the situation. It reminds me when summer vacation begins and it usually takes me about 1 or 2 weeks to change the routine again, but it’s happening now in March, so everything feels awfully strange. I know everyone is feeling the same way. My best to everyone for good health!

Off to the backyard bloom report.

A few days ago I posted some photographs from my yard and decided to track their progress and photograph them every 5 days. I’m always amazed at how quickly blooms grow every Spring, so I wanted to make a visual this time.

Note: I added a plant and a tree, and the bloom in the end is from a neighbor’s yard so technically it’s not part of this report but too pretty not to take a picture of it. Also, I added captions to identify the plants. See you in another 5 days!

Apple blossom
Pear tree
Magnolia tree

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