The Animals of Utah and Arizona

A couple weeks ago I ended a “bucket list” trip with my husband, Eric. There were no kids, just us, and the open road to see mountains, red painted cliffs, sagebrush for miles and the driest heat I’ve felt in years. First we went to California for his mother’s 80’s birthday and to see the Mojave Natural Preserve. After that we stayed at the cutest town called, Kanab, Utah to see Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon and the Coral Sand Dunes, then drove south to the Grand Canyon for the North Rim. At the end, before departing the Las Vegas airport, we won about $170 at the Flamingo. Which, at the end, was a fun win! However, it was lots of fun (almost too much stimulation for me at Las Vegas), but the money didn’t really matter to me in the end because the sights I had seen that week on those red cliffs, the laughs and the sunsets with my husband, meditating and listening to the wind during the sunrise at the Grand Canyon, I would never trade them for anything.

So of course, I took a lot of pictures. Between my analog cameras and digital cameras, I think I shot about 1500+ shots. So there are lots of things to document and edit and print (which I’m still working on), but before that I wanted to share some of the shots I took of the animals encountered because I was so excited about the animals I found! All of these were shot with my telephoto lens. I don’t have a very long lens so some of the shots are not so great. But I wanted to share them anyway. Because who doesn’t love pictures of wild animals? I was pretty cool to see bison on the side of the road on the way to the Grand Canyon. Enjoy the mountain goats, big horn sheep, bison, horses, rock squirrels and the lizard. I particularly loved the lizard. Eric told me I couldn’t take him home.

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