What’s Going on?

So it’s been that dreaded time of the year when things start to heat up with the kids with end of the year activities, spring cleaning and summer planning. I’m not complaining because these are all wonderful things, I just unfortunately get a little overwhelmed when I have a full calendar these days. And if I don’t take a little time for myself right now to write down to take stock of my personal work, I won’t do it.

It’s been a rainy and cool spring, and while I’d prefer some sunny days, it has helped me to add more weather shots to my portfolio, particularly street scenes with rain and umbrellas.

This month I’m also part of an awesome group art show called, “The Great Portrait Show”. My in-camera self portrait that I had posted a couple blogs ago, is being exhibited as part of the show. It takes at Blockfort Gallery in Columbus, Ohio. Feeling super humbled because there are some fantastic pieces in the show.

There was lots of work on my film work as well lately, too, but more of that in another post! Need to go back to my spring cleaning for now!

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