Genoa OH – 6/2/18

I am definitely not the kind of chick hanging out at 6am on a Saturday, but these are the things you do for your kids, right? We left at the crack of dawn to get to Genoa, Ohio and we met his fellow high school cross country runners; following a nice lunch buffet. And so it seemed, we are now back into 5k season into the fall. Because there’s another 5k next Saturday morning…

But for this photographer, the old town Americana and country vibe in Genoa, Ohio was full of photography opportunities. So I was ‘OK’ to be there. I’m not going to post all of the pics I took of my son and his friends because I’ve been told that it’s “weird” if I post pics of him and his friends on my blog (I’m only doing to post pics of him on Facebook 😉). Funny how things change in generations, but in a way, they don’t change. Remember when our parents found our diaries in the middle of the mattress? 🤔 And our response was like, “Mom, you read my diary?? I hate you!”

Yeah, I’m a mom with a bunch of teenagers now. So I get it.

Here are the pics that I took, no pictures of my son. I’m always inspired by these little Ohio towns when I get out of the Columbus metro area.



Barber Shop






I Spy Something Green

After a 2 year hiatus (which was needed), the garden is back alive (after lots of freakin’ work!). There is still weeding and working to do (and that’s what you get for ignoring your gardens for 2 years), so this is still a work in progress. Here are the first pics of 2018. Definitely more pics coming through the summer as everything grows.

It’s funny though, Why does a young Jersey chick who grew up in an urban setting enjoy planting vegetables and flowers as an adult so much?? I don’t know, but all I know is that I love the feel of the dirt in my hands, the sweat on my neck, the reward of watching vegetables grow from seeds to something I chew on – it’s wonderful!

I haven’t posted all the pics of the garden yet so here’s a sampling. But here is what I planted this year: green bell peppers, habanero pepper, tomatoes, basil, arugula, chives, lavender, snap peas, catnip, lettuce, pumpkins and in the perennial garden we have strawberries and raspberries, a blueberry plant, peonies, roses and some random plants throughout the front and back yards. Oh and Andrew also planted his own seeds of bachelor button flowers. Can’t wait to see them grow! So happy to see him so enthused to plant something.

Also, in this new season, make sure you patronize your local farmer’s market!

















Snap Pea


A fly?


All photos shot on a Canon Rebel xsi