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Blackhand Gorge

I specifically drove 45 minutes to find an old tunnel at a park called Blackhand Gorge – a tunnel made in the early 20th century to be used for an interurban electric train connecting residents between Granville and Zanesville, Ohio. After 3 hours of walking through the trail, we didn’t

Walnut Woods

Today was all about Thanksgiving leftovers and a spontaneous drive to chase the sunset. All photographs shot with a Canon Rebel xsi

Rockbridge, Ohio

A week ago the family and I sent some wonderful time commuting with nature in a place we hadn’t explored before. Our destination was the longest natural bridge in Ohio, but I enjoyed the journey even better. Here are some of the sites on the trail. And of course, at

Pictures from a Jersey Shore summer

  All photographs shot and/or edited on iPhone 6.

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