Interstate 90

It took two days to get us to a landscape we had never seen before. And the long drive was completely worth it.

It has taken a long time to go through all the thousands of pictures I took on our trip to South Dakota and I’ll start with the photographs taken when everything in the landscape changed. They don’t call it “Big Sky Country” for nothing.









Next stop: Mount Rushmore and Keystone, SD

All photographs taken with a Canon Rebel xsi and an iPhone 8.

Genoa OH – 6/2/18

I am definitely not the kind of chick hanging out at 6am on a Saturday, but these are the things you do for your kids, right? We left at the crack of dawn to get to Genoa, Ohio and we met his fellow high school cross country runners; following a nice lunch buffet. And so it seemed, we are now back into 5k season into the fall. Because there’s another 5k next Saturday morning…

But for this photographer, the old town Americana and country vibe in Genoa, Ohio was full of photography opportunities. So I was ‘OK’ to be there. I’m not going to post all of the pics I took of my son and his friends because I’ve been told that it’s “weird” if I post pics of him and his friends on my blog (I’m only doing to post pics of him on Facebook 😉). Funny how things change in generations, but in a way, they don’t change. Remember when our parents found our diaries in the middle of the mattress? 🤔 And our response was like, “Mom, you read my diary?? I hate you!”

Yeah, I’m a mom with a bunch of teenagers now. So I get it.

Here are the pics that I took, no pictures of my son. I’m always inspired by these little Ohio towns when I get out of the Columbus metro area.



Barber Shop






Rockbridge, Ohio

A week ago the family and I sent some wonderful time commuting with nature in a place we hadn’t explored before. Our destination was the longest natural bridge in Ohio, but I enjoyed the journey even better. Here are some of the sites on the trail. And of course, at the end of the trail, the natural bridge.

WhiteFlowers copy

Brothers copy






All shots on iPhone6 and Canon XSi DSLR. Edits on Photoshop and Snapseed.

Cabin Shoot

Cabin - 1

Forget the fact that I slept on this bed about 2 hours because I felt like I was sleeping on a slant with my husband next to me, I loved the vintage goodness of this cabin when we stayed at Mammoth Cave, KY. The kitschy-ness, adorable-ness was almost too much to handle, and I would love to come back. The negative: there was a little bit of a Friday the 13th vibe going on after dark so I was feeling a little uneasy. But that’s my own fault because it’s one of the first horror flicks that I ever saw as a kid. And I felt like I was hearing that Jason Voorhees hiss all night.

Anyway, for these shots though, they were all done during the DAY. 😀

But really, next time I go there, I’m bringing a hockey mask because even though it would freak me out, this cabin would be an awesome photo shoot!

Cabin - 6

Cabin - 4

Cabin - 5

Cabin - 2


All photographs shot on an iPhone 6. Color edited on Photoshop.